Voyageur National Park, Minnesota


Where we stayed

We stayed at the Ash Riviera Resort.  Small campground just a few minutes away from the Voyageur visitor center.  Being as we are 43 feet plus a bike rack on the back of our rig, it was a tight fit in this campground loop and we ended up tearing up some of the grass trying to back into the site.  It was actually quite stressful and at one point the RV was leaning so far over to the right as we were attempting to back in on the slope down that I had horrible visions of it falling right over! Needless to say I was stressing about how we were going to get out of that spot the whole time we were there. If you are a big rig, it was not easy to get in and out of there. There was no WiFi at all.  The campground owners were super friendly though and always out and about socializing with the RVers.

What we did

Still experiencing a heat wave, we reached over 13 degrees Celsius in humidity alone leaving us feeling sluggish and hot.  We decided to stay around the trailer for much of the day and catch up on some personal tasks.  We did venture out to the visitor center to check out a trail but sadly, no dogs were allowed on any of the trails within the park. We headed back to the campground after catching some beautiful views from the look out at the visitor center.

Being it was the 4th of July, we were able to partake in the annual festivities including a short parade brought on by the residents of the area.  Ever been to a parade where they throw candy and beer off the floats?  Well you haven’t been to this one! It was fun and Annalise was happy to walk away with some candy.  Some of our neighbours in the campground set off some spectacular fireworks near us, while quite fun to watch, we still have to go on the roof of the RV to see if any sparks fell on us … yes they were that close lol.  It was a great experience to see the festivities and we were so happy to be part of it.

What we missed

We would have loved to have gone on a hike within the National Park.

Lessons learned

Don’t stress about something until you need to as you only cause yourself unnecessary pain. I worried about the RV the whole time we were there, the route we would take to get out and what if we got stuck again when we left. All of these what ifs when Jason was calm and he got us out with ease.

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