PEI Bound

Trying to get a few east coast provinces in before our journey out west, we wanted to show PEI to Annalise so we added on 2 nights here before heading to Quebec.  I love seeing that red dirt so unique to this island.

Where we stayed

We stayed at Jellystone Campground, site 29 right across the Confederation bridge.  Usually we like to stay within the Parks if possible but, they did not open the park until the following weekend.  Instead of staying somewhere else, we decided to stay closer to the bridge to have less of a drive on our way to Quebec City.  What they lacked in trees they made up for in their superior WiFi! Wow we were super impressed and enjoyed it for our 2 days stay there.  They also had a great games room and pool for Annalise and our niece although it was too cold to swim while we were there at 15 degrees Celsius … burr!

Bolts loose on the sidewinder

Well we made it this far and should have expected some RV repairs! As soon as we parked the RV in the campground, Jason noticed that the hitch did not look right.  Once we opened the tail gate, we found the loose screws that connected to another panel to the hitch had completely came apart.  When we detached the truck, the parts just dropped off.  The bolts had lost all their threading and were initially too small for what was needed.  Luckily, Jason’s dad was with us who is a Machinist, phew!  It only cost us $40 to get the parts needed to fix it and it was done within 20 minutes.  (We also now have two extra screws and the tool to fix it should this happen again!)


What we did

PEI National Park

Continuing to see the low season theme here, the National Park was not even officially open to charge an admission fee.  We had already purchased our National Park pass but for those who have not, it seems to be free before June 8.

There are only a few hikes within the park and numerous biking paths that were well maintained.  The dunes were lovely to see if you drive along the park.  We hiked the Robinson Island trail which was about 4 km including veering off the path to the lookout points.  It was a family friendly hike with several access points to the beach, no dogs were allowed at the beach due to concerns for the bird habitat within the area, poor Kenya!



Wednesday nights during the off season in Charlottetown is not a lively time.  We did have dinner in the city which was busy but, after dinner we decided to take a walk around the city while Jason went on the hunt to find the parts for the hitch and nothing was open except for Cows ice cream …. So good!  I recommend weekends or during the high season to come in the evening if you are looking for livelier atmosphere.

What we missed

We had hoped to walk the waterfront in Charlottetown but because of our RV repairs, we had limited time in the city.

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