Anchorage, Alaska

It took us 2 days from Top of the World Highway to Anchorage stopping at the IGA for the night in Glennallen.  Taking the Top of the World Highway is an experience to say the least!  No joke, I hardly looked out my passenger window as Jason wound our 43 foot 5th wheel around gravel winding rounds with no guard rails going about 15 miles per hour.  It is an experience to take this highway to Chicken, Alaska and the views are spectacular but, it is definitely a one-way experience for us. We kept saying it was all worth it to spend that night on the Top of the World Highway!

Alaska - 20180722_115926

The roads got slightly better from Chicken, and I say slightly because they were now paved roads but with frost heaves, it was still a bumpy drive on the Taylor Highway to Tok Cut-off to the Glenn Highway.  The Alaska highway sure is the safer and smoother drive into Alaska which we plan to take on the way out.  But hey, what’s life without adventure right?!?

After 3 weeks of being on the road, the majority of it being non-stop traveling to make it here to Alaska, I think we were all feeling a sense of relief to have the next few weeks at a slower pace and enjoy this part of the journey.  We have been looking forward to glaciers and saw one on our way to Anchorage. Matanuska Glacier is just off of the Glenn Highway.  It seems unreal, almost like a painting don’t you think?

Alaska - 20180723_105907

We made it to Anchorage the day before the meet up with Less Junk More Journey.  Tired from the week-long travel to get here, we were thankful for full hook-ups to have hot showers and do our laundry!

Anchorage strangely reminded me of home, the cloudy skies, familiar stores and although different climate gave us all comfort being here.

Where we stayed

Golden Nugget RV Park right in the middle of Anchorage.  It was conveniently located near a Walmart, Costco and about 15 minutes from Downtown.  We had 30 amp, and full hookups.  We got full AT&T service and the WiFi at the campground was decent.  The campsites are however very small if you are a big rig like us and at 43 feet, we were hanging out in the road.  This was definitely a tight fit for us and luckily, our neighbors were around to move their vehicles for us to wiggle our way in!

What we did

Did our first meet up!  It was a lot of fun meeting up with fellow full-time RVers and locals to give us fantastic perspective on what to do while we are here.

Lake Hood

When you hear Lake Hood, what do you think of? I instantly think of a Disney movie or fairy tale of some sorts.  This is actually a landing facility at the airport for seaplanes.  It is a pretty neat experience seeing the planes take off and land.  They have been operating for 90 years and have over 1,000 general aviation aircraft based there.  It was a great way to spend an afternoon recovering from a long journey.

Flattop Mountain Trail

Flattop Mountain Trail in Chugach State Park sure was an epic trail.   The views are spectacular and if you get the chance, we highly recommend this trail! Going up 1,427 feet in elevation on a 3.3 mile loop, it was a welcomed challenge for us.  We had packed some whole made sushi that Jason and Annalise made this morning to have a picnic before the hike.  So right away it started off with a bang!  The rocks were challenging to climb up at the end and we had our family high five when we made it to the top.  Annalise told us with a smile when we reached the top, “this our life now, climbing mountains” which just made us speechless that we are able to have these moments with her.

Tony Knowles Trail

Our last day in Anchorage we walked along part of the Tony Knowles Trail in downtown along the water.  We had intended to bring binoculars but, sadly forgot, whoops!  Apparently you may be able to see Beluga Whales there.  It is a nicely paved trail that is excellent for biking too.

RV Repairs

Unfortunately our RV slides were not able to get repaired in Anchorage.  We were referred to a repair shop more specialized in Palmer that has experience working on our Montana slides.  Our slides now have A LOT of difficulty coming in and out sadly after this encounter. Hopefully fingers crossed, they can repair them next week!

Other Events

Annalise has wanted to make sushi for as long as I can remember! Jason went on a hunt for sushi grade fish and supplies to make our own while we can enjoy it here in Alaska.  We found a fantastic market, the New Sagaya Midtown Market on Old Seward Hwy that not only was a fish market, but also had fresh produce and grocery items that I find hard to find at times as a gluten-free cook.


Dawson City, Yukon

The Yukon was the top priority for me to see on the trip.  I think it was just making it to the Canadian northwest and the beauty of it.  Dawson is such an interesting city, just like stepping back into history and imagining what it would have been like during the gold rush.  Wooden boardwalks line the dirt streets of town in front of shops that have kept their presence of that time of the Klondike rush.  We found more than enough activities including museums, points of interest, hikes and restaurants that would have kept us busy for a week.  Sadly, we were only here for two nights along with more repairs to the rig left us with limited time to explore the City.

Dawson City - 20180720_201952

Where we stayed

We stayed at the Dawson City RV Park and Campground located just outside of Dawson City.  This was an error on my part, I was supposed to book us into the campground that was right downtown but picked this one by mistake…whoops!  It worked out in our favor due to the rig repairs that we needed to do and after looking at the campground downtown later that evening, I think that our 43-foot rig would have been a nightmare to get in.  Our campground had good WiFi by the washrooms/laundromat that Annalise was quite happy about along with full hook-ups and tires.  Yup this place sold tires…how lucky is that?

What we did

Treated ourselves to lunch out today after all the worries of repairs and replacing the tires.  Ate at Triple J and had an excellent lunch.  They had a fantastic selection of ciders for me to choose from!

Dawson City - 20180720_131936_1

Decided to go to the Dawson City Museum full of interesting facts and some great places to explore for only $18 for the family.  The fact that we loved the most was a mailman delivering the mail for 35 years by foot three times a month on a 210-mile loop.  He did this until he was 72, all we could say was WOW! The museum also has what they refer to as the visible library.  Where you can look at their cased in artifacts that they decided not to use in the displays downstairs, neat and something that we had never seen before.  They do however have waxed mannequins that scared Annalise….she ended up not finishing viewing the rest of the museum because of it.

Dawson City - 20180720_140823

The highlight for me was our evening walk in town down the Millennium Trail.  Being pet friendly, we took Kenya and explored where the Klondike and Yukon river meets. Beautiful views of the river and then looping back through town make this a fantastic walk.

Dawson City - 20180720_204408

What we missed

I think there are too many things to list here but I will give the top 3, Dredge No.4 tour, The Dome overlook and partaking in the Sour Toe cocktail (yup there is actually a toe in there, but you can’t drink it or you will get fined).

Other Events

The only way to go from Dawson City to the Alaskan border at the Top of the Highway is to take the George Black Ferry across.  It was nerve wrecking to say the least taking our 43-foot rig on the ferry across, but we did it!  This can be a busy ferry crossing and during peak times you could wait up to 3 hours to cross as they will take vehicles that they choose to fit, not necessarily in waiting order.  We went just after the peak time at 11am and got on right away.

Top World Highway - 20180721_112309


We got a flat tire on the RV just before Dawson City that was leaking fast.  We were prepared for these situations and luckily, we were right near our campsite before it got worse.  The RV park sold tires, so we purchased two of them.  When Jason replaced the tire that got punctured, he noticed that the steel belt was starting to show. This was also the case on the tire opposite.  We decided to replace both as a precaution and keep our spare for the Top of the World Highway which we have been told is the worst highway on the journey to Alaska.

Another issue with the rig that came very apparent setting up in Dawson City was our main slide-outs, the kitchen and living room were not coming in or going out well.  At one point we couldn’t even get the kitchen slide to go out at all.  It was great to have good WiFi at the campground as it gave us time to research some repair shops in Anchorage and got booked in next week to get them looked at.  Hopefully nothing to serious or expensive!!!

Fast tracking to Alaska

We were hearing that a lot of events were happening in Alaska next week with other full-time families that we wanted to join.  Instead of spending some time in Whitehorse first, we decided to see it on our way back from Alaska and long haul it to Dawson City and the top of the world highway.

Our highlight so far on the trip was the highest point on Top of the World Highway.  I don’t think the pictures do it justice, such a spectacular view.

Top World Highway - 20180721_151024

Where we stayed

We had wanted to make it to Whitehorse but decided to call it a night at the Yukon Government run campground Squanga Lake Government Campground.  It is a small campground with 16 sites, we managed to get the last RV site at just $12 a night.  These sites in the Yukon are a great place to stay for dry camping as they are quiet, off the highway, free firewood and water is included.  No Service here as is typical for this leg of the drive.

Yukon - 20180719_081601

Top of the World Highway, yes that’s right! We boondocked at the doubled-ended rest area to south D 64.7 (104.5 km). Jason says this is one of the most beautiful places he has ever seen, and I agree.  You have a 360-degree view of rolling mountains with only the U.S. and Canada customs in sight.  This is the highest point on Top of the World Highway and I am still in shock that we got to stay here for free!

Top World Highway - 20180721_151832_1

What we did

We followed the Milepost for all the must do stops along the way.  It was raining for the majority of our first long travel day and missed out on some scenic lookouts, but we sure did get some good ones along with seeing Bison, Black Bear and a Moose.

Liard River Hot Springs was our first stop and oh how we were looking forward to it! For $10 we all were able to enjoy a much-needed soak in the Hot Springs.  They were completely full for their campsites so if you plan on staying, make sure to reserve ahead of time.  We could get water there but, they did not have a dump station.

The Watson Lake Sign Post Forest was one of those unique places where it gets you wondering, how did this even start?  You feel a sense of community from fellow travellers as you walk through the rows and rows of signs that they have posted their mark.  All started from a U.S. Army solider working on the Alaska highway in 1942.  We were prepared with our green vehicle license plate from our old Nissan Leaf to find a new home.  We loved that electric car but had to sell it in our purge before full time travel.

Sign Post Forest - 20180718_173315

Stopped at Braeburn Lodge for a cinnamon bun the size of your head!  World Famous Cinnamon Buns had to be bought on this journey! I think that the treat helped Jason and Annalise for the rest of the Journey on the Klondike Highway.  It is very desolate and a quiet drive with winding roads from that point until you reach Dawson City.  We were told from the visitor center in Watson Lake that the drive on the Alaska Highway was a much prettier drive.

Yukon - 20180719_125131

Highest point on Top of the World Highway.  Not only did we stay here overnight, we got here early in the afternoon to walk around and take in these breathtaking views!  Annalise and I even got out our art easels and painted. We also got to see a herd of Caribou wondering around the area. This was one of those moments where I thought, this is why we are doing this!

What we missed

There is a spectacular lookout at Historic Milepost 392 Summit Pass.  It was too foggy and raining for a view worth stopping for unfortunately.  Hopefully we will catch it on the way back!

Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories was not on our original travel itinerary.  We were re-watching some Pau Hana Travel youtube videos for their tips on the trip up to Alaska and had forgot that they had done a detour to the Northwest Territories off the Alaska Highway to BC Highway 77.  We paw wowed as a family and said, we should do it! So here we are on our journey to the Northwest Territories!

We went to Fort Liard and as they call it here the “tropics of the Territories” for their warmer climates. It was only a 2 ½ hour detour off the Alaska Highway.  This was the most Bison we had seen so far on the journey!  They were just wandering everywhere, it had us all with our cameras out in awe.

Where we stayed

On our way to NWT, we followed in Pau Hana’s footsteps ( and journeyed from Dawson Creek to Buckinghorse River Lodge and stayed overnight in the parking lot for free.

We then went to Hay Lake Campground in Fort Liard. A small community run campground with a dumping station, potable water and firewood, all free along with the campsite! We were able to snatch the campsite right along the river, breathtaking views!  Before you get too caught up in that view though, check when mosquito season is here … find out more below.

What we did

As soon as we unhitched, we went into town as it was 4:30 and wanted to make sure we could get gas and go to the Acho Dene Native Craft store, this is also the visitor information. They close at 5pm so we just made it.  We also went to the general store where Annalise was very excited to try one of the 50 flavours of soft serve ice cream there.  All the locals were super friendly.

We hadn’t anticipated on doing too much, just go into town and hang around the site since we were going to head back to the Alaska highway in the morning.  As we were playing cards and relaxing staring out at our gorgeous view of the river, the mosquitoes started to come.  They were all over our windows and coming into our slide outs in the RV.  Did not even know that could happen! Apparently, this happens to other 5th wheel RVers and we have heard that it is happening in Alaska too.  It was honestly horrendous, no reprieve as more and more mosquitoes found their way in and ate Annalise and I alive.  No joke, we slept for only a few hours and packed up at 5 AM to head back on our journey finding reprieve in our truck.

What we missed

I was reading up on a lot of things to do in the Territory just in case we decided to change our minds and stay longer.  There are amazing waterfalls called the Virginia Falls in Nahanni National Park that are twice the size of Niagara Falls.  You can take flightseeing tours over the falls, walk around and have a picnic lunch there.  We would have had to make it up to Fort Simpson and while speaking to another RVer on our travels as well as the RCMP officer in town, the road would have been too tough to take our rig to.  We also had to move along our journey as this was only a detour but, this is differently on my bucket list someday!

Pipestone Creek, Alberta

This spot was a must on our list as we wanted to stop in Alberta and go to a dinosaur museum.  The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur museum is home to a unique dinosaur find, the Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai.  A river near the campground where we stayed called the “Bonebed” was home to a river of death for a herd of these creatures over 73 million years ago.  We first heard about it from Gone with the Wynns and had to check it out!

Grand Prarie - 20180715_145309

Where we stayed

We stayed at the Pipestone Creek Campground.  They offer some sites with 30 amp, we opted for no service site and luckily, our water pump is now in good working order!  There is no service in this campground due to the valley that it is situated in.  We did however get some occasional service with our 30-foot antenna.   There have lovely grounds, a fantastic playground (which kids played in until 11pm at night since it was light out until then), close to the river and right next to the Pipestone Creek Bonebed for a great hike and sightings.   Included in the cost of the site is free firewood which we enjoyed!

What we did

We went to the Philip J. Currie museum.  It is a small museum, so it only took us a few hours to walk through and enjoy.  They had some great exhibits of the Pachyrinosaurus and some areas for kids to dig for some bones.

Our unexpected highlight was to hike to the Pipestone Creek Bonebed to hopefully see some of the areas where they excavated the bones and get a good walk in.  The museum offers a walking tour for $5 per person from the campground. We had turned it down due to timing and wanting to take Kenya with us.  We went ourselves the second day we were there and found the Bonebed with an excavation site crew of volunteers there digging up some dinosaur remains.  Not only did we get some excellent information from the crew, they even let us touch a recovered dinosaur bone and get right up close.  It was quite an amazing experience!

Other Events

The town of Wembley is only 12km away and we were able to receive packages at the Post Office in town.

Edmonton Alberta

Our original plan was to spend only 1 night in Edmonton, go to West Edmonton Mall and then head on to Jasper.  After assessing the water pump, we had to roll with a new plan as it was kaput.  We think we broke it when we went out east by leaving it on while driving with the cap off at the beginning of June.  We decided to stay for 5 nights, reschedule Jasper when we get back from Alaska and wait for our new pump.

I think you try and prepare yourself for full-time RV life but, you don’t really know what it is like until you get out on the road.  Two weeks in I was wondering, everyone says we are living the dream, but I am really not feeling it.  After long travel days to get to this point, RV repairs and getting used to our new life, it was taking a bit of tole on me.  I think that everyone has their own adjustment period and I was going through mine.  Hitting this low period brought me to remember what I was grateful for.  Looking at my hubby and Annalise or simply taking Kenya for a walk brings me so much joy.  It makes me pause and remember that these are just going to be new hurdles for us to overcome to spend this time together and live this new way of life.   Not everyday is going to be like a vacation because this is now our everyday life.  It is still full of everyday chores, getting groceries and planning where to stay and what to do.  Realizing that you do not have to go out and do something everyday just because you will only be in this area once, staying at the trailer and playing a family game is just as wonderful and sometimes you really need those days too.

Edmonton - 20180712_212536

This was also a good week to get other work done that Jason had on his list.  We bought a new bike rack for the rig.  The old one was going to take the whole bumper off and as a result, we had been taking the bikes in and out of the rig for travel days. Too much work and had us wondering, why did we bring the bikes in the first place?  We also bought and installed sensors made here in Edmonton by Garnett Industries for the fresh, grey and black tanks.  They are fantastic! It is a different world to know what level your tanks are actually at instead of the guessing game of 1/3, 2/3 full.


Where we stayed

We stayed at Glowing Embers Campground, full hook-ups, 30 amp.  The location was awesome, only 15 minute drive to West Edmonton Mall and any shopping.  The Wi-Fi is very slow at your site but works well at the main office.  They do not accept packages although, we had asked to be able to get our water pump shipped and they said that they would make an exception and leave a note for all staff.  It seems that there were some new staff working and our packages were sent back.  A bit frustrating to say the least as we only were staying for the week due to our repairs needed.  We ended up going to a great RV store down the street called Trailblazers which carried the pump and had fantastic service.

Edmonton - 20180712_213045

What we did

We went to West Edmonton Mall and indulged in a movie and taking Annalise to the water park.  Anyone who has been to the mall knows how spectacular the water park is.  Enormous wave pool, water slides for any desired speed, it really is a fun time for everyone.  I couldn’t wait to get on one of those fast water slides … I may have been a bit over zealous with my choice.  We were going to be on the road on Annalise’s actual birthday on Monday, so this was going to be her special day to pick the movie and do whatever she wanted in the water park.  I had convinced her to go on an “Extreme” slide and WOW was it ever fast! I think it was a little too fast for me actually making you airborne going down but, Annalise did it! It was a well needed family fun day full of lots of the kind of laughs and fun that makes your face hurt. Reminding us of these awesome moments that we have together and forget our RV woes.

Edmonton - 20180708_154236

The rest of the week was working to get the projects done, some baking (yeah!) and taking advantage of the amenities of Edmonton before heading further north to more remote areas.

Edmonton - 20180712_191043
Getting to know my RV oven!


It was also a great time for us to go to Starbucks to get some downloads as our AT&T lines were getting throttled.  Think Annalise watched a little too much YouTube and we may all be suffering now lol. We took advantage of being within driving distance of one and went there twice. Annalise stocked up on her YouTube and Netflix before hitting all of the no service areas along the long drive to the Yukon.  It certainly is an adjustment when you are used to high speed internet in your home to tracking down WiFi wherever you go.  I felt like our kids when they were teenagers, trying to hook-up to the WiFi as soon as I stepped foot into a place lol.   Thank you Starbucks for great coffee and WiFi!!

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Our original plan was to stay in Saskatoon for 2 nights. We had a reservation in Jasper four days from now however we wanted to extend it to include the following weekend, this turned out to be an impossible feat. So we decided to shorten our stay in Saskatoon and add an extra weekday in Jasper.

The drive from Winnipeg to Saskatoon is about 8 ½ hours of driving, with long stretches of beautiful golden fields.  They are all along the journey, so we had to google it since we had never seen it before. Turns out they were Canola fields, who knew! Our family absolutely loves the conversation and fun facts that comes out of these curiosities.   It was such a vibrant yellow spanning over the countryside brightening up the drive.  As anyone knows who has driven this stretch, it is quite long with little change in scenery.

Saskatoon - 20180707_135057

Where we stayed

We stayed at Gordon Howe Campground in the overflow section right next to the baseball diamond.  It was cheap at $20 a night with no hookups but the Wi-Fi was working to allow for some youtube watching.  The location was great to get to the Saskatchewan River and downtown.  We were lucky that no one parked on either side of us which allowed for room to get our big rig in and out easily.

Saskatoon - 20180707_203038

What we did

We ventured out for a short drive to the river to go for a family walk after this long driving day from Winnipeg.  Something that we all had to convince ourselves to do from being so tired.  Once we got going though, it was exactly what we needed! There are well maintained paths to walk or bike all along the river with public parks to relax and enjoy.  It was a well needed break for us and we loved walking along and looking at some of the houses backing onto the river just thinking, we could move here, what would it be like? It is a neat feeling to have the option to settle down wherever we choose.

Saskatoon - 20180707_173658

What we missed

Western Development Museum as I had read that this was the #1 thing to do here but, had to make a choice!


This was our first boondocking site since parking at Walmart on our trip out east last month.  This also being our first opportunity to test our new water bladder to then pump into the RV.  The water pump did not work as expected, water did not flow in and the water pump seemed to endlessly run.  Jason called it and decided to work on it more at our next stop in Edmonton before hitting Jasper with 4 nights of no hook-ups.  This put a bit of stress on our second week of the journey. We will see what happens!

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The first week of the journey seems to have gone by in a flash.  We have left Ontario, seen three different states, and are now back in Canada.  We are moving fast but if we want to make it to Alaska this summer, we have to keep on trekking!

The border crossing was very small and quiet.  There was only one other RV ahead of us and we had no issues going through.  We got asked the usual questions but as always, we try to be prepared and have all of our Passports, receipts and answers ready.  Our trick with meat and produce is to keep it in a cooler in the truck with us and have it all listed.  That way if we are asked to dispose of it, we have it all with us and can get rid of it easily. The last thing we want is a reason to be told to pull over! Once we crossed into Winnipeg, our garmin RV GPS let us know that we could not drive with the propane on here, glad we have solar to power our fridge.

This was the first time for Annalise and I to be visiting Manitoba. Jason had driven through a long time ago on his way out west so I was excited to finally say that I had been here and seen it!  We have several friends from Winnipeg and the number one place to go when we asked was The Forks. So, that’s where we went first!


Where we stayed

We stayed at the Winnipeg West KOA right off the Trans-Canada Hwy. Got a great pull-thru site with 30 amp and water.  We have been trying to stay budget friendly and opting for the more basic sites and just dumping on our way out. Perfect location to continue heading west and close enough to downtown Winnipeg to do things.  WiFi was basic, not strong enough for any uploading/downloading but enough to check emails and do some searches with patience.

Winnipeg - 20180705_212252Winnipeg - 20180706_193208

What we did

After a week of being on the road in hot humid weather, we were excited to go out for dinner and see the sights at The Forks.  It is a touristy spot with beautiful paths along the water, a perfect place to bike or take a walk and read the historic information along the way.  We had a lot of fun being silly in front of the Winnipeg sign, walking through the historic CPR trains on display and of course eating some sushi.  This stop was a favorite on Annalise’s list.

Winnipeg - 20180705_191320

We also visited FortWhyte Alive, an animal sanctuary with additional activities such as bike and walking paths through the grounds, sailing and archery.  These grounds were the home of the 1881 stand-off of CPR and Manitobans in an attempt to break the railway monopoly. It was dubbed “Fort Whyte” which just stuck.  You can still see the overgrown railway in among the grounds which gave us a glimpse back to that time. We enjoyed watching the Bison and birds and going into the nature center to learn many facts about the prairies ecosystem.  They have indoor activities where you can see tiny micro-organisms through a microscope. (do you see the giant eye in the last picture?)

Winnipeg - 20180706_140432

What we missed

We would have loved to have taken Annalise to the Canadian Mint in Winnipeg.


Voyageur National Park, Minnesota


Where we stayed

We stayed at the Ash Riviera Resort.  Small campground just a few minutes away from the Voyageur visitor center.  Being as we are 43 feet plus a bike rack on the back of our rig, it was a tight fit in this campground loop and we ended up tearing up some of the grass trying to back into the site.  It was actually quite stressful and at one point the RV was leaning so far over to the right as we were attempting to back in on the slope down that I had horrible visions of it falling right over! Needless to say I was stressing about how we were going to get out of that spot the whole time we were there. If you are a big rig, it was not easy to get in and out of there. There was no WiFi at all.  The campground owners were super friendly though and always out and about socializing with the RVers.

What we did

Still experiencing a heat wave, we reached over 13 degrees Celsius in humidity alone leaving us feeling sluggish and hot.  We decided to stay around the trailer for much of the day and catch up on some personal tasks.  We did venture out to the visitor center to check out a trail but sadly, no dogs were allowed on any of the trails within the park. We headed back to the campground after catching some beautiful views from the look out at the visitor center.

Being it was the 4th of July, we were able to partake in the annual festivities including a short parade brought on by the residents of the area.  Ever been to a parade where they throw candy and beer off the floats?  Well you haven’t been to this one! It was fun and Annalise was happy to walk away with some candy.  Some of our neighbours in the campground set off some spectacular fireworks near us, while quite fun to watch, we still have to go on the roof of the RV to see if any sparks fell on us … yes they were that close lol.  It was a great experience to see the festivities and we were so happy to be part of it.

What we missed

We would have loved to have gone on a hike within the National Park.

Lessons learned

Don’t stress about something until you need to as you only cause yourself unnecessary pain. I worried about the RV the whole time we were there, the route we would take to get out and what if we got stuck again when we left. All of these what ifs when Jason was calm and he got us out with ease.

Drive From Wisconsin

Girdwood, Alaska

Whenever I am in a place where I can walk out my door and find myself on a trail, I feel at home.  That feeling of stepping right into nature whether it be in the woods, along beautiful scenery or up a mountain, it just starts my day right.  Girdwood was definitely that place!

Starting to now unwind and slow down from our long travel days, I think the timing could not have been better being at a resort.  Even though we were just in the parking lot, we had access to all of what the Alyeska Resort had to offer and spoil ourselves a little.  It was the first time in weeks that I went out for a run or did a workout in the trailer and it felt so good getting back into my routine.  They had amazing trails around town that I took Kenya on for a morning run and we finally used our new Bowflex weights. We had prepared ourselves to not treat this like a vacation but, with long travel days and a new lifestyle, it just didn’t happen that way now 4 weeks into our adventure.

Where we stayed

Alyeska Resort funny enough.  Found this parking spot on Allstays and loved the area as well as the cost, only $10 per night with a spectacular boondocking location!  The views are phenomenal, there are restaurants in walking distance as well as a grocery store and trails everywhere!  I fell in love with this cute ski village and didn’t want to leave! There is a gas station down the road where you can fill up with water and a dump station.  We however went in for water there and being 43 feet, scrapped our bumper and got stuck going down the steep Slope.  We got out of that situation with Jason’s calm problem solving skills…that story will have to be shared over drinks another day!

What we did


We really enjoyed our time in this town and spent a lot of it on the trails to just have a walk with Kenya or hike up one of the mountain trails.  It felt so relaxing to be here and put our RV slide worries aside.  There is an awesome playground in town that Annalise loved as well as some fun cafes and restaurants.  We went to Jack Sprat the first night for dinner, options galore and the food was good.


Byron Glacier Trail in the Chugach National Park gave us phenomenal views and did not disappoint!  It is a short heavily trafficked trail with very easy terrain.    The Byron Glacier at the end of the trail was spectacular!  You can venture off the trail at your own risk along the snow and glacier and get some epic pictures like the one we took of Kenya!


Along the drive to this trail you can stop at some fantastic lookouts to Explorer Glacier and the visitor center has washrooms and lots of information on the area.



Right at the Alyeska Resort they have a very popular hand tram along the trail.  Annalise and I hiked the 6km to try it out.  We were prepared for a busy trail and had heard that you could be waiting for up to 30 minutes to get across.  We did not have to wait too long for our turn across but others were assisting others across thereby speeding up the process.  It was nice to not have to wait but, we did not get the opportunity to do it ourselves or take pictures of being on it since we were pulled across so fast.  The trail was fun and the gradual incline kept our heart rates up!


I had heard about the Tram when we were in Anchorage and wanted to do it for the views.  Majority of the reason why we stayed at this location was we either wanted to take the Tram up or you can hike up and take the Tram down for free.  Jason was feeling under the weather so we decided to eat at the Seven Glaciers restaurant at the top and with the reservation, we were able to ride up for free.  The views did not disappoint! It looks like we are standing in front of a green screen, just incredible.  Go on a clear day like we did and the views are spectacular.

What we missed

Jason felt under the weather the last couple days of our stay there and it changed our plans.  We had intended on going on a glacier cruise in Whittier which sounded like so much fun.  We have postponed that excursion until Valdez.