Fast tracking to Alaska

We were hearing that a lot of events were happening in Alaska next week with other full-time families that we wanted to join.  Instead of spending some time in Whitehorse first, we decided to see it on our way back from Alaska and long haul it to Dawson City and the top of the world highway.

Our highlight so far on the trip was the highest point on Top of the World Highway.  I don’t think the pictures do it justice, such a spectacular view.

Top World Highway - 20180721_151024

Where we stayed

We had wanted to make it to Whitehorse but decided to call it a night at the Yukon Government run campground Squanga Lake Government Campground.  It is a small campground with 16 sites, we managed to get the last RV site at just $12 a night.  These sites in the Yukon are a great place to stay for dry camping as they are quiet, off the highway, free firewood and water is included.  No Service here as is typical for this leg of the drive.

Yukon - 20180719_081601

Top of the World Highway, yes that’s right! We boondocked at the doubled-ended rest area to south D 64.7 (104.5 km). Jason says this is one of the most beautiful places he has ever seen, and I agree.  You have a 360-degree view of rolling mountains with only the U.S. and Canada customs in sight.  This is the highest point on Top of the World Highway and I am still in shock that we got to stay here for free!

Top World Highway - 20180721_151832_1

What we did

We followed the Milepost for all the must do stops along the way.  It was raining for the majority of our first long travel day and missed out on some scenic lookouts, but we sure did get some good ones along with seeing Bison, Black Bear and a Moose.

Liard River Hot Springs was our first stop and oh how we were looking forward to it! For $10 we all were able to enjoy a much-needed soak in the Hot Springs.  They were completely full for their campsites so if you plan on staying, make sure to reserve ahead of time.  We could get water there but, they did not have a dump station.

The Watson Lake Sign Post Forest was one of those unique places where it gets you wondering, how did this even start?  You feel a sense of community from fellow travellers as you walk through the rows and rows of signs that they have posted their mark.  All started from a U.S. Army solider working on the Alaska highway in 1942.  We were prepared with our green vehicle license plate from our old Nissan Leaf to find a new home.  We loved that electric car but had to sell it in our purge before full time travel.

Sign Post Forest - 20180718_173315

Stopped at Braeburn Lodge for a cinnamon bun the size of your head!  World Famous Cinnamon Buns had to be bought on this journey! I think that the treat helped Jason and Annalise for the rest of the Journey on the Klondike Highway.  It is very desolate and a quiet drive with winding roads from that point until you reach Dawson City.  We were told from the visitor center in Watson Lake that the drive on the Alaska Highway was a much prettier drive.

Yukon - 20180719_125131

Highest point on Top of the World Highway.  Not only did we stay here overnight, we got here early in the afternoon to walk around and take in these breathtaking views!  Annalise and I even got out our art easels and painted. We also got to see a herd of Caribou wondering around the area. This was one of those moments where I thought, this is why we are doing this!

What we missed

There is a spectacular lookout at Historic Milepost 392 Summit Pass.  It was too foggy and raining for a view worth stopping for unfortunately.  Hopefully we will catch it on the way back!

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