All Great Changes are preceded by chaos …

Less than 5 months I think to myself … 5 months left after already spending a year planning our move from Canada to the USA, and embark on an adventure of a lifetime to travel for up to a year in our trailer with my husband and daughter.  Is this crazy? I ask myself, but when I way the pros and cons, the pros always win.

We have managed to purge the majority of our 10 year life in our current house and are prepping it for sale.  Everything seems chaotic and consuming at the moment with painting, cleaning, purging and prepping to list the house by the end of the month, but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and remind ourselves of what is to come.

The house has seemed to be a relentless project to get ready to move but it has taught us a few lessons:

  • If you have not used or worn it within a year, sell or give it away
  • Labeling and organizing your items makes life so much simpler!
  • Try and go paperless as much as possible
  • Buying items out of boredom vs. necessity, really asking ourselves do we really need this?
  • Think about collecting memories, not things when on holidays

Moving to another country and traveling for up to a year beforehand has it’s own obstacles, we have started with:

  • Obtaining our necessary documents to enter and live in the country
  • Travel insurance while we are on the road
  • School plan for when we are homeschooling our daughter while on the road
  • Border crossing documents required when we move all of our belongings
  • Storage information for when we store our belongings until we settle into our new permanent home
  • CAA for when we are on the road … we do not want to be stuck with a broken down truck or trailer on the side of the road in Alaska!!!

I keep looking forward to the exciting plans ahead but, I need to bring myself back to today, this moment, and remind myself to not wish this time away.  We are enjoying spending time with family and doing activities that are familiar and have always loved to do before we head out on the road.  Trying not to get overwhelmed with our seemingly never ending task list but embracing the experience and being grateful for every check mark on it!




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